Homeopathic medication stimulates the immune system, acts as a natural antimicrobial and sterilizer, makes active the mucous membranes to help  emission of toxins and stop nasal infection from spreading to other parts of the head such as ears. Bronchial infections is an indication of serious ongoing intoxification and homeopathic medication is best suited as its ingredients act as a natural plant antimicrobial that stimulate excretion of toxins.  In cases of Asthma, homeopathy acts by  ameliorating the constitutional fermenting system rather than acting on histamine as achieved by conventional medicines.

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Drox-4 Branco Drops for Bronchitis

Drox-4 Branco Drops for Bronchitisis a specific disease wise drops from Hanemann scientific laborato...
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Allen A49 Homeopathy Drops for Dry Cough

Allen A49 Dry Cough Drops is indicated forwheezing and dry cough, catarrh of larynx, hacking cough w...
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Allen A61 Whooping Cough Drops

Allen A61 Whooping Cough Dropsis indicated forshort, convulsive coughs followed by a whooping intake...
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Allen A62 Wet Cough Drops

Allen A62 Wet Cough Dropsis indications for Productive Cough that produces phlegm or mucus (sputum) ...
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Allen A65 Homeopathic Drops for Bronchitis

Allen A65 Bronchitis Drops is indicated for acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis, inflammation of...
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Allen Vasakof Tonic - Cough Syrup

Allen Vasakof Tonic is indicated for Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Common cold, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Tuber...
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Bahola Septin Tablets. Homeopathy Medicine for Body Resistance, Immunity

Homeopathic Medicine To Increase Body ResistanceBaholas Septin is a natural immunity enhances which ...
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Bakson Compound 30 (Sinusitus)

Bakson Compound 30 (Sinusitus) tablets are indicated in the following cases helps relieve Sinusitis ...
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Bico 32 Tuberculosis

Haslab's bico-32 indicated for treatment of phthisis also known as pulmonary tuberculosis. This is a...
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BJain Omeo Cough Medicated Syrup with Rhumex Crispus, Justicia Adh

Bjain Omeo Cough Medicated Syrup is indicated for Dry, Spasmodic cough, Prolonged and incessant coug...
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Cofil Effective Cough Reliever

Homeopathic Cough RelieverFor dry or productive coughs, allergic cough, whooping cough, hoarseness o...
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Doliosis D7 Cold Sinus drops

Doliosis D7 Cold Sinus drops is a homeopathic remedy that relieves symptoms of common cold, running ...
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