5 essential mantras to follow this independence day

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Everybody has to go through the rigors of ageing and it can take a toll on you with physical and psychological problems.  People who loose the vital element - health early in life are the biggest losers, because they have lost the essential freedom that makes all other elements fall in place. So this independence day we wish you freedom from illness and ailments and following pearls of wisdom

5 Suggestions of the healthy Old

If age is really a benchmark of experience and maturity, then nonagenarians (people living in heir 90s) are its embodiments. So what do they really have to say?

  1. If you want to live, you’ve got to make every moment count. But never take life too seriously
  2. Maintain a teenager’s infectious enthusiasm, the secret of staying young: feel like you’re 21.
  3. Stay positive by keeping  yourself  challenged
  4. Do the daily grind that gives a high, dont get undeterred by challenges.
  5. Anyone who wants to live long has to forget his body. Focus on what your mind wants and get involved


5 regrets of the dying

People anticipa­ting death are plagued by these common shortcomings in their lives

  1. Living a life of others not self – they regret they did not dream and make choices of their own
  2. Spending too much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence – missing out on their children's youth and their partner's companionship
  3. Did not express self – they hid their emotions, suppressed feelings to maintain relationships. In the end carried too much ill feelings that afffected their health adversly
  4. Missing out on friends – lost out on love and relationships in the end, they regret about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved
  5. Got Stuck in a rut – same old patterns and habits determined their whole life. Nothing new flowed

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