Fourrts Piles Fil Gel for Piles
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Fourrts Piles Fil Gel for Piles

Fourrts Piles Fil Gel for Piles

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Fourrts Piles Fil Gel Contains:

  • Aesculus Hipp Q 5% w/w,
  • Calc Flour 3x1%, w/w,
  • Hammamelis Q 5% w/w Gel base q.s

Fourrts Piles Fil Gelis indicated for Hemorrhoids internal and external, bleeding or non bleeding or non bleeding. It helps to reduce agonizing pain and to shrink the piles.


Fourrtswith its impressive standing in the Pharma Industry for the last 35 years is committed to excellence in health care. In formulation, manufacture and marketing, Fourrts ensure use of right quality ingredients, care for proper packaging and comply with good practices.


Introduction:Hemorrhoids - symptoms of piles includeirritation, itching, pain, swelling and discomfort in anal region, lump near anus which can be painful, leaking of feces.The commonest symptoms of piles (Hemorrhoids) are swelling of vein or group of veins in the anal region. These are painful and extremely unpleasant and their likelihood of occurrence increases with age. They are more common in men while pregnant women are also likely to get hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can also occur due to sitting for long period, constipation, obesity etc.


Mode of action of individual ingredients in Fourrts Piles Fil Gel

Aesculus Hipp Q:treats burning and dryness of external hemorrhoidal mucosa, venous stasis (formation of blood clots in veins of legs)

Calc Flour 3x:treats symptoms of varicose veins and piles like enlarged and varicose veins. It also acts on fissures (long, narrow opening or line of breakage) and itching of anus, bleeding piles and weakness of connective tissue and venous walls

Hammamelis Q: treats varices (a varicose vein), bleeding hemorrhoids


Presentation: 30gms


Symptoms Piles
Manufacturer Fourrts india Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Form Gel
Dosage Fix the applicator on the nozzle of the tube and press the tube till the gel comes to the lateral four sides of the applicator. Then insert the applicator into the anus, keep pressing the tube and gently rotate it for uniform spreading of the gel. Every time after passing stools, clean the area and apply the Fourrts Piles Fil Gel as explained above. Also apply at bed time & leave it over night.

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