Fourrts Femrich Powder
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Fourrts Femrich Powder

Fourrts Femrich Powder

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Fourrts Femrich Powder Contains: Energy 880 Kcal, Protein 40 gm, Carbohydrate 112 gm, Fat 24gm, Soluble Fibre 6gm, Vit A 5000 i.u, Vit B 1 5.2 mg, Vit B2 5.2 mg, Vit B6 7.0gm, Niacinamide 66 mg, Vit 1 2 8.6mcg, vit E 50 i. u, Folic acid 10 mg, Panthothenic Acid 4 mg, Calicum (elemental), 1.7 gm, Zinc 63.2mg, Vit E 50 i.u, Folic acid 10 mg, Panthothenic Acid 4 mg, Calcium 1700 mg, Phosphorous 600 mcg, Magnesium 200 mg, Choline 40 mg, Iron 50 mg, Zinc 63.2 mg, Copper 0.70 mg, Iodine 300 mcg, DHA 500 mg.

Fourrts Femrich Powder is a rich health drink for athletes, for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers (lactation), ageing and convalescence. An energy and memory booster during exams. Adds muscle mass without fat.

Symptoms Mental exhaustion,Physical Tiredness,Illness,Anaemia,Exhaustion
Manufacturer Fourrts india Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Form Powder
Dosage Take 2 table spoonful of Fourrts Femrich Powder with one glass (200 ml) of warm milk or water to be taken twice daily.

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