Fourrts Laboratories Pvt Ltd isa ISO 9001:2008 cerified  Chennai based manufacturer of Homeopathic medicines. Its most popular products are Alfas 2000 (excellent physical & mental stimulator), Gumforte gel (homeopathic tooth paste), Hairgro Gel (hair nourisher), Hairgro shampoo ( 2 in 1 shampoo for head lice and dandruff), Fort Malt (homeopathic energy malt),

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Fourrts Alfas 2000 Liquid

Fourrts Alfas 2000 Liquid is indicated for Anemia, convalescence, fatigue, nervous ex...
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Fourrts Alfas DG syrup

Fourrts Alfas DG Syrup is indicated for nervousness, neurasthenia and general debilit...
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Fourrts Baptefil syrup, Homeopathic medicine for Influenza, fever

Fourrts Baptefil Syrup is indicated for Influenza, Fever and HyperthermiaFourrtswith ...
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Fourrts Calendula Gel for Wounds, Cuts -Pack of 3

Fourrts Calendula Homeopathic gel is indicated for cuts, wounds and burns.Calendula o...
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Fourrts Cinalmix syrup-Pack of 3

Fourrts Cinalmix Syrup is indicated for tape worm, pain worm, hook worm and round wor...
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Fourrts Douglas cream

Fourrts Douglas Cream is indicated for contact dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and othe...
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Fourrts Douglas drops

Fourrts Douglas Drops is indicated for Psoriasis, Contact dermatitis eczema, Itching ...
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Fourrts Dr. Mulder's Protin (protein supplement)

Fourrts Dr. Mulder's Protin is a wholesome Nutritional Supplement for all ages (Sugar...
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$12.75USD $12.75USD

Fourrts Femrich Powder

Fourrts Femrich Powder is a rich health drink for athletes, for pregnant mothers, bre...
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$8.50USD $7.65USD 10% OFF

Fourrts Filcal D Calium, Vitamin D3 and Zinc Tablets

Fourrts Filcal D Each film coated tablet contains Calcium Carbonate equivalent to ele...
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Fourrts Filocof syrup

Fourrts Filocof Syrup is indicated for Cough, difficulty in breathing, whooping cough...
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Fourrts Franz's Gel for Wounds, Cuts, Burn, Diabetic foot-Pack of 3

Fourrts Franz's Gel is indicated for wounds, burns, bed sores, cuts, skin abrasions, ...
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