Hairgro Gel & Shampoo Combo
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Hairgro Gel & Shampoo Combo

Hairgro Gel & Shampoo Combo

Brand: Fourrts
Product Code: FOUHGC350
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Hairgro Gel Contains : Arnica Mont Q, 0.75% V/W Cantharis Q 0.75% V/W, Jaborandi Q 0.75% V/W, Brahmi Q , 0.75% V/W, Gelbase Q.S. Alcohol Content 1.7 % V/W.

Hairgro Shampoo Contains: Extracts Of Azadirachta Indica, Sabadilla, Hibiscus, Tea Tree Oil, Permitted Colours and Perfume Added.

Hairgro Gel: acts to control Dandruff, to prevent hair fall, to arrest premature greying of hairs and as a scalp conditioner.

Hairgro Shampoo: for eradication of head lice, dandruff, scabies and ring worms.

Symptoms Head Lice, Dandruff, Scabies, Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Weak Hair Roots
Manufacturer Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Form Combo in Gel & Liquid

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