FDA’s position on Homeopathy

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FDA undertook  a recent review to solicit opinions on Homeopathy to determine its overarching role to regulate the Industry.  It may be recalled that  the FDA in the recent past had issued some warnings on OTC (over the counter) homeopathic remedies like Asthma.


FDA estimates the Homeopathic industry to be a multi-billion dollar industry and a survey by CDC’s National Health interview survey concluded that Amercan adults spend on an average $2.9 Billion on Homeopathic medicines.

Did FDA involve the people with the right credentials is the moot point? For its known that many of the medical specialists on its panels are actually practitioners of conventional medicines having dubious opinions and clouded assertions on the alternative form of medicine. We are not even entering the domain of how many of these practitioners work for institutions funded by large pharmaceutical giants or take grants from them.

Naturally they will hold Homeopathy to ransom  and beat it with conventional medical yardsticks prescribed  by giant Pharmaceutical companies some of which include mechanism of action and evidence, double blind, peer reviewed studies etc.

Their concept of ‘controlled’ clinical trials gives rise to the question as to who wants to control and minimize the Homeopathic  industry’s spreading influence. It’s a well known fact that many powerful lobbies  with interests in Guns ,Tobacco,  Medicines (conventional), Religion,  and other influential industries  rule the roost among American policy makers

The only saving grace is that it is also seeking  opinions from People seeking the middle ground . Such practitioners are clamoring for percept like “primum non nocere” i.e, ‘First do no harm’ which is one of the primary ethics of modern medical practice. They are aware that conventional medicines cannot pass this litmus test  and therefore underline a need to engage patients in determining what suits them most. 

Such proponents want  patients first treated traditional ‘proof-based’  conventional medical therapy and if its not working  or if the patient has serious side effects to consider adding or substituting alternative medicine options.



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All Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by using scientific predefined methods of extracting the medicinal properties from source substances. There is no scope or need to adulterate the derived medicines with any other substances, as this would completely obliterate the curative properties of the same.

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