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The fact of the matter is that we are increasingly becoming more toxic than we comprehend. The result of sustained environment pollution over the  last  Industrial age has some believe that we  are even accumulating toxicity through inheritance!. Allopathic medicines which are primarily prescription driven medication  and  the leading form of health care pose significant threat to this problem

We at homeomart - online homeopathy store India, celebrate World environment day by pledging to propagating safer natural remedies to mankind.

Ground Pollution: UNEP  studies have clearly shown the growing level of Pharmaceutical waste  accumulating in our ground water supplies, rivers and water bodies and the harmful impact of unscientific dumping of bio hazardous medical waste from hospitals, clinics and laboratories on the environment. Rampant prescriptions by doctors and excessive usage of allopathic medicines by consumers has resulted in many of the drugs passing directly through the human digestive system largely undigested or unabsorbed  and excreted into the environment causing active pharmaceutical ingredients to build steadily into environment

Half life of medicines: Many new generation medicines synthesized with complex building blocks and those with radioactive elements (especially in treatment of cancer) pose a fresh threat to environmentally safe disposal.  Many of these medicines have synthetic compounds  that cannot be broken down by naturally established enzyme systems. The natural half lives of chemicals contained in  radioactive medicines is either  not known  or published .

Killer Drugs: Conventional medicines that are sold  to improve human health are having adverse effect since the long term impact of  active chemical agents, not scientifically documented  in the first place, is ending up crippling humans and causing fatalities. FDA’s medwatch and drug recall system has a long list of recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts in this regard. Conventional medicines are also affecting other living systems in environment; take Dicloefenac for instance, this anti inflammatory medicine has been reported to destroy large vulture population in Asia region.


Environment friendly Medicine

How does alternative medicine especially Homeopathy compares on this front? Take the facts and judge for yourself.

Homeopathy leaves very little carbon footprint in its entire lifecycle. Since its manufacturing principles and practices are frugal, only a small amount of the original substance is actually used in diluted (potentised) medications. Only about a kilo of basic drug substance is needed in Homeopathy to treat the global population. Its truly 'nano'.

It uses naturally available form of ingredients, mostly in the form of natural ground crystals, shrub, herb or a flower. It produces little or no waste as byproduct in manufacturing and, even the little that emerges  are perfectly biodegradable and non polluting in any sense.

Homeopathy is actually a naturally induced detoxification therapy. Humans and all living systems have a naturally adopted systems that deal with endogenous and exogenous natural toxins in the environment. Natural evolution has built our biological systems to deal with natural exogenous toxins emerging from moulds, bacteria, viruses, plant and animal poisons.  Homeopathic remedies in potentised forms are actually developed through a proper understanding of the substance’s toxicology and therefore a mechanism to stimulate the natural defense mechanisms.

On this environmental day let us take a pledge to go green with medicines  and find ways to lead a naturally healthier life.  Say no to artificial drugs or medications.

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