Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Aging is a normal biological process and not a progressive disease. In India around 90 million people are over the age of 60 currently and as per the 60th National Sample Survey 25% reported poor health. Health risks associated with old age are as follows

  • The risk of having at least one chronic disease, such as hypertension, diabetes and osteo-muscular conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis increases.
  • Risk for developing most types of cancer increases with age - prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer , breast cancer and colon cancer are common cancers associated with advanced age.
  • Cardiovascular diseases - heart failure, heart disease, arrhythmia, hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, stroke, congenital heart disease.
  • Poor Mental health – dementia, depression is common in old age
  • Impaired vision and Hearing Loss

Homeopathy offers alternate health care choices that aims to prevent physical disability and increase active life expectancy through holistic care.

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Adel 11 Defaeton drops - natural remedies for constipation

Adel 11 Defaeton drops are indicated for acute and chronic constipationIntroductionConstipation basi...
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Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops for symptoms of high blood pressure

Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops are indicated for high blood pressure with or without recognizable cause and ...
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Allen A42 Homeopathy Prostatitis Drops for Acute and Chronic Prostatitis

Allen A42 Prostatitis Drops is indicated for abnormal enlargement and inflammation of prostate gland...
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Allen A59 Tumour Drops - Homeopathic medicine for Tumour

Allen A59 Tumour Drops is indicated for all Tumours, malignant or benign, Regenerator of diseased ti...
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Allen A63 Heart Burn Drops

Allen A63 Heart Burn Dropsis indicationsfor Chest pain, Throat pain, Burning in lower chest, Stomach...
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Bakson Formula P Tablets

Homoeopathic Formula P Tablets is a combination of several clinically tried potentized homoeopathic ...
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Bakson Prostate Aid For Healthy Prostate

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Baksons Rheum Aid Oil for Pain and Stiffness in Joints and Muscles, Sprains

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Bhargava Tumorin Drops

Homeopathic Tumorin Drops For all benign Tumors Enlargement of thyroid, axillary, inguinal and mamma...
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Bico-31 Synovitis

Haslab's Bico 31 synovitis is indicated for Inflammation of the membranes of the joints......
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Calcarea Phosph 6X

Homeopathic remedy for Teething problems and strong Bones. .....
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Dr Raj Syzygium Jambolanum 1x Tablets Control Blood Sugar Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

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