Homeopathy Doctor Consultation (Offline)
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Homeopathy Doctor Consultation (Offline)

Homeopathy Doctor Consultation (Offline)

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Homeomart provides you both online and offline consultation services on its portal.

Whom does offline consultation service suit?

  • Patients who do not want to schedule an appointment and wait for their rendezvous with the doctor, they just want to fill & send us their health problems and need the prescription
  • Useful for those patients who are not comfortable with face-to-face meetings due to anxiety or other issues. They are not comfortable discussing their problems and would seek to be anyonmous
  • They want complete privacy & confidentiality without revealing their identity in any way

How does Offline consultation work?

Step 1: You make a online payment here to avail the offline services. Our experts are available at a nominal fee of Rs.750 (for Indian citizens) and $33 for patients across the world. Remember these are well known experts with years of experience and vast knowledge, verified by homeomart - Indias No.1 online homeopathy portal, now serving across the globe. Its our guarantee

Step 2: After receipt of payment, we promptly send mail you the questionnaire as per details provided during registration and checkout.You need to take out time (and patience) to fill in the details honestly & accurately to the best of your knowledge and mail us back. Incomplete questionnaire will be rejected & sent back to you

The detailed questionnaire is designed by our homeo experts to build your constitutional profile and seek to go into the root cause of your ailment for effective homeopathic treatment. The analysis and evaluation of your case by our specialists is as per Hahnemann principles strictly adhering to homeopathic pharmacopeia guidelines. The medicines are then uniquely formulated based on your thorough case profiling and in depth study .

Steps 3: Our Homeopathic experts will go analyze and evaluate your case and will provide you the detailed diagnosis with line of treatment. The prescription contains the list of medicines, its strength, dosage and duration of course. Alongwith with it you get a link to purchase the prescribed homeopathy medicines online. You may choose to buy it from us or elsewhere as convenient to you.

If you choose to buy from us, the medicines will be dispatched to the address mentioned in your registration details (unless you specify otherwise)

India consultation Consultation fee for residents of India only. Paid in Rupees

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