Figurin Slimming Drops
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Figurin Slimming Drops

Figurin Slimming Drops

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FIGURIN is a speciality Swiss homeopathic formulation from HerbaMed, world leader in phytotherapeutics. It is a carefully selected combination of plant extracts and a natural homoeopathic treatment to support the loss of weight

Action of individual ingredients in Figurin Slimming Drops

Helianthus tuberosus: It has a high saturation value thanks to inulin content (up to 20% in the tubers), but it has no nutritional value, as the inulin is excreted in unchanged form via the kidneys. It is traditionally used in diets and to dissolve obstipation.

Mate: Ilex paraguariensis, also known as Mate, has stimulant and diuretic effects because of its caffeine content. In the South American countries, where it originates from, Mate is taken in order to be able to make major exertions without a feeling of hunger.

Rhamnus Frangula: A species reducentes (weight-reducing formula) also contains a good laxative and diuretic such as rhamnus frangula.

Petroselinum crispum: The essential oil of Petroselinum crispum with apiole, myristicin, terpenes, flavonoids works as a diuretic.

Fucus vesiculosus: Containing iodine, bromine, B-carotin, activates the metabolism by a soft stimulation of the thyroid gland

Symptoms Overweight
Manufacturer Bio India Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, 30 drops to be taken in a little liquid about 15 minutes before each meal twice a day.

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