Allen Derma Plus Specially formulated cream for skin infections
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Allen Derma Plus Specially formulated cream for skin infections

Allen Derma Plus Specially formulated cream for skin infections

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Allen Derma Plus Contains: Chrysarobinum 1x 1.0%, Apis Mel. 3x 1.0%, Berberis Aq. 1x 1.5% Echinacea 3x 1.5%, Graphites 6x 1.0%, Hydrocotyle 1x 1.0%, Sulphur 3x 1.0%, Urtica Urens 3x 2.0%, In cream base.

Allen Derma Plus is a specially formulated skin cream for treatment of all types of fungal infections, ring worms, eczema, psoriasis, neuro-dermatitis, interigo and urticaria.


Mode of action of individual ingredients inAllen Derma Plus

Chrysarobinum: Vesicular or squamous skin lesions, associated with foul smelling discharge and crust formation, tending to become confluent and to give the appearance of a single crust covering the entire area.

Apis mellifica: SkinBoils. Suppressed exanthemata. Herpes zoster. Eczema, urticaria, carbuncles with burning, stinging pains. Urticaria with burning pains. Eczema with marked swelling.

Berberis aquifolium: Waxy, yellowish white skin, blotches and pimples on face. It clears the complexion. Skin pimply, dry, rough, scaly. Eruptions on scalp, extending to face and neck.

Echinacea angustifolia: It acts as a good external application in many skin affections such as eczema, boils etc.

Graphites: Affects the folds skin, at flexures, muco-cutaneous junctions, behind the ears. Fissures, where skin and mucus membrane joins. Thickening and induration of skin. Thick Crusts and scales, oozing honey like, thick, yellow, sticky fluid, sometimes offensive.

Hydrocotyle asiatica: Great thickening of the epidermoid layer and exfoliation of scales.

Sulphur: Any type of eruption: moist, burning and itching. Skin dry, scaly, unhealthy, every little injury suppurates.

Urtica urens: Urticaria and itching disappears while lying down and reappears immediately after rising.


Presentation: 25 gms tube

Manufacturer Allen Homoeo and Herbal Products Ltd., Hyderabad
Form Cream
Application Wash and clean the affected area. Gently apply the Allen Derma Plus cream and allow it to dry. Use 2 to 3 times a day.

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