Defeat Joint Pains - Dr Ritu Jain
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Defeat Joint Pains - Dr Ritu Jain

Defeat Joint Pains - Dr Ritu Jain

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Dr. Ritu Jain is BHMS with honors. She also has a BSc (Gold Medilist) in Life Sciences. For the last 10 years she is healing peopl at kalyan Specialty Homeopathic Clinic. She is also a member of VHAD (Voluntary Health Association of Delhi) which keeps her busy providing health services  to the underprivileged. Her patients recognize her as a tolerant listener and compassionate physician. She uses multi-disciplinary approach of complimentery therapies to treat the patient as a whole.

Highlights of the book: 1. Covers different types and causes of joints pains. 2. Many figures, diagrams and illustrations for interesting read and easy understanding. 3. Every aspect of joint pains has been explained in easy-to-understand language - Causes, Symptoms, Lab investigations, when to consult a doctor, Treatment and Management and prevention. 4. Different treatments available in various alternative therapies are given: Homeopathy, Back flower therapy, Home remedies, Acupressure, Reflexology, Herbal therapy, Hydrotherapy, Yoga, diet and nutrition, juice therapy, Massage, Exercises and Physiotherapy. 5. Under homeopathic treatment, only those remedies which have benn found clinically most effective have been listed with their indicated symptoms and dosages.

Author Dr. Ritu Jain, BHMS

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