Defeat Common Cold and Nose Allergies - H Jayachandran
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Defeat Common Cold and Nose Allergies - H Jayachandran

Defeat Common Cold and Nose Allergies - H Jayachandran

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Harilakshmi Jayachandran, was a housewife residing in Singapore. She always had keen interest in alternative therapies. Her interest in homeopathy increased when she was treated by homeopathy for her chronic ailment. She then studied homeopathy under Dr. Rangachari, the founder of Singapore institute of Homeopathy. She has been treating patients successfully with homeopathy since 5 years and is known among her patients to be a true healer.

Respiratory infections and allergies worldwide continue to be a major cause of morbidity for all age groups. Careless prescription of antibiotics and anti-allergics are only accounting for repeated incidences as the treatment is not directed at the root level. With Homeopathy and other alternative therapies fast becoming poplular, people today have more options to choose from and tackle their problems more effectively than all. With 'Defeat Common Cold'. our objective is to educate the masses on the therapeutic benefits of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, TCM, Bach flower therapy etc. in recurring colds and nasal allergies. Care has been taken to include a defailed clinical background of these with a systematic proposition of the most commonly indicated remedies under each specialty. some useful illustrations on the various yogic asanas each specialty. Some useful illustations on the various yogic asanas have been included for practical purposes. A handbook of all that one needs to know on effective management of common cold. Equally useful for the lay person as well as the general pracitioner. Helps one to manage common cold and nose allergies with different treatment options and avoid the unecessary use of antibiotics and anti-allergens.

Author Dr. Harilakshmi Jayachandran

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