Cofil Effective Cough Reliever
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Cofil Effective Cough Reliever

Cofil Effective Cough Reliever

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Contains: Each 5 ml Contains: Blatta Orientalis 6x H.P.I. 5% v/v, Ipecacuanha 12x H.P.I. 5% v/v, Justica Adhatoda 12x H.P.I. 5% v/v, Senega Q H.P.I 5% v/v, flavoured syrup based Q.S to 100% v/v, Ethyl alcohol (Approx ) Colour: Caramel. 

Homeopathic Cough Reliever

For dry or productive coughs, allergic cough, whooping cough, hoarseness of voice and difficulty in breathing. Dose not contain any habit forming or norcotic drugs. Harmless, effective and safe when used under given conditions and dosage. Dispensory and Hospital use.

Symptoms 8-10 drops in ΒΌ cup water, half an hour before meals, three times a day or as prescribed by the physician.
Manufacturer Bahola Labs
Form Liquid
Dosage Cough

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