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Boericke & Tafel  brand has been around since the times Americans lit their homes with whale oil lamps, travelled by stage coach and cooked meals in open fire places (1830s).   The founders Dr. Boericke & Tafel  were popular pharmacists who also excelled in publishing at a time when  Andrew Jackson was the President of United States.

Notwithstanding their  long standing legacy in America,  it continues to grow, now as a registered trademark of Nature‚Äôs way products, Inc in USA. 

Willmar Schawabe (India) marks entry in the Homeopathic cosmetics range with the launch of Boericke & Tafel Hair International Quality Body care range  comprising of Hair Oil, Bathing Bar, multi-purpose cream, and Shampoo. These products stand out for the quality of their packing and product presentation. The prices will delight the cost conscious Indian consumer whose tendency for   better value for money proposition is well recognized by market researchers.

The Hair Growth Oil presents   a very mellowed and refined smell  unheard of in popular Indian hair oil brands, it is light and free of  stickiness.   The anti dandruff oil comes with the power of Neem, Lavendula, Cardiospermum and Cochlearia.

Calendula has a rich tradition in Homeopathy for its beneficial effect on Skin while Neem has been considered as wonderful skin agent in Ayurveda. Both these ingredients come alive in refreshing new soaps from Boericke & Tafel. The soaps are pure delight in refreshing new smell and feel. The soaps come in 2 exciting variants - calendula bathing bar and Mentol,  Neem & Tulsi Cool bar. 

The shampoo range is also available in 2 varieties; anti-dandruff shampoo enriched with homeopathic ingredients like Saponaria, Lavendula and Urticia dioca and Arnica shampoo with the richness of Arnica, Jaborandi and Salvia.

Now get the goodness of Arnica Montana, Calendula, Jaborandi, Lavendula, Saponaria and many other popular Homeopathic ingredients in International quality skin and hair care products at surprising prices here.

Homeomart is proud to associate with  Willmar Schawabe (India) to offer Boericke & Tafel  International Quality Body care range products for online shopping for the first time in India.



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