Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil
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Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil

Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil

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Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil is indicated for various hair problems.



AboutBlooume 78

Blooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil has unique blend of herbs like arnica, calendula etc. Blooume 78 arnica hair oil helps to control hair fall. It is also indicated to increase the hair growth and blood circulation.



Action of individual ingredients inBlooume 78 Arnica Hair Oil

The key properties in Blooume 78 (Arnica hair oil) are derived from the following ingredients

Arnica-it strengthens the hair so that they do not get detached and fall out from roots.

Calendula-it helps to prevent the hair breakage.

Jaborandi-it nourishes, stimulates and strengthens the root to breath. It also helps in speeding up the hair growth.




Symptoms Hair Loss
Manufacturer Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Form Liquid
Dosage Apply sufficient oil directly on scalp and massage gently. For best results keep the oil on overnight.

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