AYUSH & WHO agreement to promote WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy: 2014-2023 highlights

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What it means for the Ayush to collaborate with WHO in promoting Traditional & complimentary medicine? We examine some highlights

Customer testimonials samples: does homeopathy work?

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Homeopathic dilutions and the memory of water theory: Customer testimonials samples and various clinical test results apart many people find  one aspect of homeopathy  implausible  - that the medicine is often left diluted to the point where no traces or no molecules of the original substance left. And this makes them ponder: does homeopathy work? 

Jaborandi hair oil benefits

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Jaborandi is a popular homeopathic herb used exetensively in the preparation of Hair care products. Jaborandi hair oil benefits by way of scalp nourishment, stregthening hair roots and preventing grey hairs. In this article we have demystified Jaborandi and given you ample reasons to choose jaborandi hair products.

Homeopathic treatment of backache during pregnancy

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Back pain is common during pregnancy  as the hormones relaxes joints, muscles and ligaments. 50% of the women suffer from backache during their pregnancy. The women may even have  discomfort in upper back, between breasts, shoulders and ribcage. Sharp and shooting pain can be felt down the legs. Exercises during pregnancy along with proper homeopathic treatment can  help provide relief for backaches