Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops
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Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops

Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops

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Each 10ml of Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops contains  Aconitum napellus 6X 1.0ml, Ammonium muriaticum 6X 1.0ml, Colocynthis vulgaris 30 2.0ml, Dioscorea villosa 3X 1.0ml, Gnaphalium polycephalum 30 1.0ml, Kalium carbonicum 30 1.0ml, Rhus toxicodendron 3X 1.5ml, Valeriana officinalis 4X 1.5ml, Alcohol 60% v/v.

Homeopathic liquid oral drops for Sciatica. Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops or Minims no 33 is used for Sciatica associated with backache.Sciatica is a pain that originates in the hip and buttocks and travels all the way down the leg. The leg pain is a form of numbness or weakness that starts in the low back and travels down the sciatic nerve in the leg causing sciatica pain. A herniated disk, also referred to as a slipped disk, is a common factor for severe back pain and sciatica. It may also be caused by irritation of the root(s) of the lower lumbar

Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops contains homeopathic ingredients like Kalium carbonicum 30l, Rhus toxicodendron 3X, Valeriana officinalis 4X,Aconitum napellus 6X , Ammonium muriaticum 6X, Colocynthis vulgaris 30, Dioscorea villosa 3X, Gnaphalium polycephalum 30,

Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops is a part of Minims offering from Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd.Minims are liquid oral drops prepared from a blend of highly effective plant extracts, potentised and formulated in the purest form of alcohol, E. N. A. Each minim comprises of a unique preparation to treat the ailments of the body.

Symptoms Pleurisy,Neuralgia,Sciatica
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage 10-15 drops of Bhargava No 33 Sciatin drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

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