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It is a resin, obtained from Myroxylon pereiae Klotzsch. Dark brown viscid liquid, transparent, appears reddish-brown in thin layers, free from stickness or stringiness; odour agreeable, balsamic vanilla; taste bitter, acrid and persisting. Pure variety does not harden on exposure to air. Miscible with alcohol and chloroform; party soluble with ether, glacial acetic acid and light petroleum ether; practically insoluble in water (on shaking with water, only traces of cinnamic acid is removed). Contains 53 to 66 per cent of a colourless aromatic oily liquid (cinnamein) and 20 to 28 per cent of a dark resin.It is covered by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. Lembke had first proved with repeated doses of from 15 to 30 drops and introduced it into homoeopathy.Its sphere of action is upon the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, acting as an expectorant. It also possesses stimulating properties and lessens the secretions. Useful in bronchial catarrh, with copious, purulent expectoration of muco-purulet material which is yellow, green and foetid. It is also recommended for hectic fevers, dependent upon a suppurative condition of the mucous membrane. According to Hale, cerate of the Balsam is the best application next to Glycerol of Aloes for indolent ulcers, cracked nipples, cracks in fingers and palmer surfaces of hands or fissures and chapped lips. It is used locally as a stimulant to raw surfaces in indications include chronic catarrh of the bowels and bladder, debility, hectic fever, and obstinate leucorrhoea.15-30 drops of Q. 1x. In hectic fever 6x. Syrup preparations containing the resin/tincture is used acute conditions.Indolent ulcers, cracked nipples, cracks in fingers and plamer surface of hands or fissured and chapped lips. Raw surfaces in indolent ulcers, scabies, cracked nipples, hectic fever, obstinate leucorrhoea.

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