Bakson Sept Aid Spray
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Bakson Sept Aid Spray

Bakson Sept Aid Spray

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Bakson Sept Aid Spray Contains: Calendula off. (Ext.) ø, Echinacea ang. (Ext.) ø, Kreosotum (Ext.) ø

Bakson Sept Aid Spray is a Homeopathic local antiseptic spray that helps heal and prevent or control infections in minor cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites etc

This pump-action spray helps remove dirt and grime from cuts and wounds and promotes healthy granulation with rapid healing through antiseptic as well as anti inflammatory action of its natural ingredients especially Calendula and Echinacea.

It is highly effective for healing minor cuts and scrapes, burns and stings superficial eruptions with pus formation and Shallow ulcers on skin.

Bakson Sept Aid Spray contains homeopathic ingredients like Calendula off. (Ext.) , Echinacea ang. (Ext.) and Kreosotum (Ext.). Calendula officinalis is a wonderful herb for skin due to its potent anti- inflammatory and moisturising properties

Symptoms cuts, burns, ulcers
Manufacturer Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd
Dosage Hold the container approximately 2-3 inches away from the affected area and use Bakson Sept Aid spray lightly to irrigate. May be repeated 2-3 times daily, if necessary, until the area is healed.

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