Bakson Menso Aid Syrup
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Bakson Menso Aid Syrup

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup

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Bakson Menso Aid Syrup contains: Abroma augusta: Effectively helps in irregular menses where blood is dark and clotted. Absence of menses or  painful menstruation. Leucorrhoea is profuse, colicky pain in the lower abdomen 2 to 3 days before menses.

Abroma radix: Indicated for painful and irregular menses, heavy white discharge (Leucorrhoea)  

Aletris farinose: Indicated for pain in the uterine region, menses too soon and profuse with labour like pain. Alfalfa: It relieves weakness of whole body.  

Terminalia arjuna: It relieves weakness and nervousness.  Berberis vulgaris, Caulophyllumt, Cinchona off.  Crataegus oxy

Janosia ashoka: indicated for delayed or irregular menses. Menstrual discharge is scanty, pale, watery, foul smelling and blackish.

Pulsatilla n.: indication for suppressed menses.  Diarrhoea during or after menses. Leucorrhoea is creamy, acrid and burning.

Viburnum p. : menses is too late, scanty , lasting a few hours. Leucorrhoea is excoriating with itching of genitals.

Kali Brom: Relives ovarian neuralgia which is attended with  great nervous uneasiness.

A woman's reproductive health is subjected to phasic changes in most years of her life. It thus becomes important to take utmost care of any upheavals in this periodical chain of events. Women may develop various complaints which often present in the form of: Painful menstruations.

Unusually heavy or light bleeding, delayed menarche or missed periods. Discharge of abnormal fluid from vagina that commonly indicates genital tract infection. Lower backache, fatigue and weakness due to heavy blood loss and nutritional deficiency.

Bakson Menso Aid Syrupis a carefully developed formulation with effective ingredients to alleviate the symptoms of female generative organs.

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup is indicated for complaints of menstrual cycles, abdominal cramps and backache, mild vaginal infection.

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup Dosage:1-2 teaspoonwith water twice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Contraindication: Bakson Menso Aid Syrup should not be taken during Pregnancy or if it is suspected.

Presentation: 115ml, 200ml and 450ml

Symptoms Leucorrhoea, Menstruation Complaints
Manufacturer Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd
Form Liquid
Dosage 1-2 teaspoon with water twice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

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