Bahola Worminal Drops for deworming
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Bahola Worminal Drops  for deworming

Bahola Worminal Drops for deworming

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Bahola Worminal Drops Contains: Cina Q H.P.I. 2.5% v/v, Chelone Glabra Q H.P.I. 2.5 % v/v, Embelia Ribes Q HJ.P.I. 20%. v/v, Teucrium Maram V Q H.P.I. 1.5%, Filix mos Q H.P.I, preservative and flovoured syrup bas Q.S to 100%v/v. Ethyl alcohol content  (approx) 29%, 

Bahola's Worminal Drops is indicated for  vermifuge for eradication of single and mixed intestinal infection.


This Quality Homeopathic Medicine for Worms from Bahola contains Chelone Glabra Q, Embelia Ribes Q, Teucrium Maram V Q, Filix mos that eradicate all kinds of worms and prevents their cultivation and infection

Symptoms Intestinal Colic
Manufacturer Bahola Labs
Form Drops
Dosage Above 5 years: 8-10 drops, thrice a day. Below 5 years: 6-8 drops, thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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