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It occurs in river, canals and lakes mainly in Russia and Europe. It is also found in India. It grows detached from the soil, greenish externally having branching ramifications from the thickness of a quill to that of a finger, resembling stags horns, with rounded corners and ends. Contains white granules, one end of which is excavated, siliceous bodies and fragments of monaxon spicules. It has ehagon type of canal system like other higher groups. The flagellate cells are confined to certain enlargement of canals called ciliated chamber. The gemmules either lie free in the substance of the sponge or are attached to its support. Odour disagreeable and fleshy.A homoeopathic tincture is made from the whole sponge. It is covered by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. It was introduced and proved by Dr. Bedford.It is used in soreness of muscles and integuments; worse motion and friction of clothes, with sensitiveness to cold. Glands swollen and general paresis. It is also used in Basedows disease, thick yellow cough.First to sixth attenuation.Soreness of muscles, integuments, worse motion and friction of clothes, sensitiveness cold, gland swollen, general paresis, thick yellow cough.

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