Homeopathic treatment of backache during pregnancy

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Back pain is common during pregnancy  as the hormones relaxes joints, muscles and ligaments. 50% of the women suffer from backache during their pregnancy. The women may even have  discomfort in upper back, between breasts, shoulders and ribcage. Sharp and shooting pain can be felt down the legs. Exercises during pregnancy along with proper homeopathic treatment can  help provide relief for backaches

Causes of backache during pregnancy are as follows

  • Ligament stretches and becomes soft due to change in hormones.
  • As the baby grows, the hollowness in back increases
  • Centre of gravity shifts due to increase in weight in the front portion of the body.
  • Working of back muscles is more as there is increase in weight of the body.



  • Good body posture should be practiced
  • Care should be taken while sitting and standing
  • Low-heeled ( not fully flat) shoes with superior arch support should be worn
  • Should sit with comfortable support at the back
  • Hot pads should be applied in painful portion
  • Under expert supervision (physiotherapist) special exercises during pregnancy for strengthening back muscles should be practiced



  • Avoid sleeping on soft bed
  • Sleeping on your side should be followed
  • Bending over from the waist should be avoided to pick up things. Practice of keeping the back straight while picking up things should be carried out
  • Improper practices exercises during pregnancy such as heavy things should not be lifted
  • Excessive weight gain should be avoided


How homeopathic medicines help to relive backache during pregnancy?

It is reccomended to start a homeopathic treatment under the consultation and supervison of a suitable homeopathi doctor. Proper exercises for backaches during pregnancy under guidance of a physiotherapist is advised too.  The following are the common homeopathic remedies for  backache during pregnancy

Aesculus - it can be used to treat severe and continuous ache in the hips and lower back. It also helps in relieving tiredness and weak feeling when walking. Worse backache while stooping and walking can be treated.

Arnica montana 30 - backache caused due to injury or strain on muscles of back can be treated. Bruised feeling or sore lame can also be treated. It is also indicated for problem of not walking straight

Rhus toxicodendron - it relieves pain and stiffness in lower back. Pain subsides during movement or lying on hard surface. Worse pain while sitting can be treated by this medication.

Belladonna- for symptoms where Pain occurs fast and disappears quickly; it is worse from touch and from sudden jarring movements. Pregnant women become very restless, may have thirst for lemonade and may even have red face with diluted pupils. Older women during their first pregnancy response well to belladonna for backaches.

Bellis perennis- treats the pain of back, hip and outer side of leg (sciatica) during pregnancy. It also treats any pain down the legs which causes difficulty in walking during last months of pregnancy.

Kali carbonicum- treats sharp and sudden pains in the entire back, thighs and buttocks which may be accompanied with the dragging and bruised feeling. It relives hard pressure over painful areas and reduces pain in hip joint. Sensitivity of change in weather, cold and warmness (but not over heated), irritability etc. can also be treated.

Sepia- for symptoms of a dragging pain in lower back, feeling of heaviness in pelvic region


General instructions while taking homeopathic treatment:

  • Above mentioned medicines should be taken if the symptoms match  with those of the patient.
  • Medicine should be  taken as-3 globules of size 40 in every 3 hours in plain drinking water or on clean dry tongue
  • Proper exercises during pregnancy coupled with good nutritious diet  compliments your homeopathic treatment  towards faster recovery
  • Medicine should be taken preferably on empty stomach and after cleaning mouth.
  • If symptoms persists or get worse please consult a homeopathic doctor.
  • Medicines should not be kept near strong smelling substances such as menthol, camphor etc.
  • Medicine should be kept in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Medicine should be kept away from the children.


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