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It is native of U.S.A. and Canada, Maine to Florida. A deciduous perennial herb; stem erect, glabrous or downy pubescent upto 1.25 meter high, branched above in long, slender branches, root, creeping, rarely branched, longitudinnaly wrinkled, grayish-brown externally, yellow, soft. Porous wood, rhizome vertical.It contains cardio-active glycoside cymarin, apocannoside, k- strophanthin, tannins and saponins.A homoeopathic tincture is made from the rhizome and roots. It is covered by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. It was proved by Dr. Freitag.It increases secretion of mucous and serous membranes and acts on cellular tissue, producing oedema and dropsy and on skin causing diaphoresis. It is indicated for diminished frequency of pulse. This is one of the most efficient remedies in dropsies. Ascites, anasarca, hydrothorax and urinary troubles, specially suppression and strangury. It is also used in digestive complaints of Brights disease, with the nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and difficult breathing. The dropsy is characterized by great thirst and gastric irritability. It is also used in cases of acute alcoholism. Research reports favorable as cardiotonic and anti-cancer activity. Increases blood pressure. Q. 1xAscites, anasarca, hydrothorax, urinary troubles, strangury, vomiting, difficult breathing. Indications: Dysuria : Turbid, hot urine, with thick mucus and burning in urethra, after urinating. Little expulsive power. Dribbling. Strangury.

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