Allergy relief by Homeopathy


 Allergic reactions are a result  of the immune system misreading  a harmless protein as a dangerous invader and its way of expelling it.India is a diverse country climatically and diversity in the flora and fauna in different parts of the country is the chief cause of occurrence of aeroallergens both seasonal and annual variations leading to widespread allergies

It is popular misconception that allergies being a lasting condition requires continual treatment only to control and curb their symptoms. This is farther from truth!  Allergies, hay fever and Sinus can be effectively treated and cured with homeopathy. It is Homeopathy that offers quick, simple and absolutely safe remedy to wide spread allergies  both acute and chronic, hay fever and sinus problems.

The most common causes of allergies are foods. Typically peanuts, walnuts, cashews, shellfish, fish, milk, eggs, some medication etc

Respiratory allergies causes : Pollen grains, house dust, fungal spores, insects, pet dander and molds etc 

Skin Allergy causes:  Mites, Perfumes and fragrances, metals like Nickel, Latex, Hair dye, plants like poison Ivy, fabrics, cosmetics,sunscreens & topical lotions, adhesives etc

Allergy Symptoms:  Wheezing, Sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy throat, nasal congestion, itchy skin, watery eyes, low grade fever, stomach ache

Homeopathic  remedies are indicated for the treatment of allergies depending on the symptoms of the patient. The following list of Homeopathic remedies for recommended for various allergies

  • Acidum sulp. (tds): Air pollen allergy.
  • Ailanthus g. (tds): Smell of flowers causes asthma.
  • Allium cepa (tds): Allergic coryza with violent sneezing and worse in “pollen season” i.e., August. Sensitive to the smell  of flowers.
  • Antimonium crud. (tds): Cannot bear heat of the sun. The patient feels Exhausted in warm weather Gastric troubles Increase.
  • Antipyrinum 2x (bd): Allergic puffiness of eyelids, face, lips and Sometimes penis.
  • Apis mel. 200 (tds): For skin allergy which is worse by heat and when   there  is puffiness with redness and burning. Allergic to heat.
  • Aralia r. (tds), Lycopersicum: Dust causes respiratory troubles and asthma.
  • Argentum nit. (tds): Skin diseases due to any allergy. Skin withered and  Dried up.
  • Arsenicum alb. (tds) : For skin allergy worse by cold. Allergy to cold drinks
  • Arundo, Ambrosia: Allergic watery coryza, sneezing stuffed. up feeling in the nose and asthma-like attacks.
  • Carbo veg.,: Allergic to poultry items, aspirin, salt and butter. Milk Causes flatulence.
  • Chininum ars.(tds): Allergy to eggs.
  • Cocculus ind.(tds): Heat to the sun produces rash and vertigo. Sun Allergy.
  • Gelsemium (tds): General depression from the heat of sun.
  • Histaminum 1M (od) for: Allergic to dust, smoke and perfumes. Aller gic catarrh and coryza.
  • Kalium bich. (tds): Allergy to beer and whisky.
  • Lac vaccinum def. 30,: Allergy to milk which disagrees.
  • Lachesis 200(od) : Allergic to vinegar, pickles and sour acidic foods.
  • Magnesium carb. (tds) :  Allergic to milk and meat.
  • Natrium carb. (tds) : It removes allergy, pickles and acidic foods.
  • Nux vomica (tds): Allergic to coffee.
  • Oxalicum acidum (tds): Allergic to coffee.
  • Petroleum (bd) : Allergic to cabbage.
  • Psorinum (hs): Allergy to wheat which causes eczema.
  • Pulsatilla nig. (tds) : Allergy to orange juice which causes irritation of the                                                                                               Skin. Allergic to pastry and rich ice cream mixed with  fruits. Allergy to bakery foods.
  • Rumex crispus (tds): Allergy to meat which causes eructations and Itching.
  • Sabadilla (tds) : Sensitiveness of all odors.
  • Saccharum off. (tds) : Allergy to sugar.
  • Saccharum off. (tds) : Allergy to lemonade.
  • Sepia (tds) : Allergic to fats and boiled milk which causes Diarrhea.
  • Sulphur 200 (hs) or 6x (bd) : Hair dyes produce eczema. Allergic  reactions to antibiotic. Allergy to tomatoes use of which turns face red and starts the cough.
  • Tellurium met. (bd) : Allergic to rice.
  • Thuja occ. (tds) : Cannot eat onions which cause coryza and Ophthalmia. Allergic to music which causes weeping and trembling.
  • Thyreoidinum 3x-6x (bd)  : Allergic urticaria. Allergy to lipstick.
  • Zingiber off. (tds) : Allergic to melons.