Allen Stimulas drops
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Allen Stimulas drops

Allen Stimulas drops

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Allen Stimulas drops contains Withania somnifera 1x, Agnus castus 1x, Damiana 1x, Titanium 8x, Nuphar lutea 1x, Staphysagria 3x, Avena Sat 1x, Selenium 3x, Caladium 3x, Acid Phos 3x, Alcohol 63.5% v/v

Allen Stimulas drops reestablishes your lost vigour and vitality. A remedy to maintain sex characteristics in adult men. Symptoms due to diminishing levels of androgens in middle and old aged men. Infertility due to defective spermatogenesis, osteporosis and refractory anaemia.

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sexual dysfunction where the male is unable to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. This may be a sign of a physical or psychological condition and known to cause relationship strain, stress, and low self-confidence.

Helps to rejuvenate the lost vigor and vitality through a balanced combination of potent homeopathic remedies like Withania somnifera, Agnus castus, Damiana, Titanium etc

Symptoms Sexual Debility,Spermatorrhea, Impotence,Loss Of Libido
Manufacturer Allen Healthcare Co.Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage Adults 30 drops with water twice daily or as directed by the physician. For desired result one should use 3 bottles without interruption.

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