Agom Kesharanjana Oil (tailark) for Hair Fall
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Agom  Kesharanjana Oil (tailark) for Hair Fall

Agom Kesharanjana Oil (tailark) for Hair Fall

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Agom Kesharanjana Oil contains:centella asiatica 3x; eclipta alba 3x, hibiscus rosasinensis 3x, embilica officinals 3x.

Agom Kesharanjana Oil improves blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes hair. It also stops hair falling and graying, rejuvenates pigments.


Agom medicines are harmless, absolutely free of complications and without any reactions or side- effects and are very easy to administer. The properties of herbal decoctions remain unaltered for about a year, but the properties of Matras for year together. These medicines are nothing but modern matras.


Agom Kesharanjana Oil Contains centella asiatica 3x; eclipta alba 3x, hibiscus rosasinensis 3x, embilica officinals 3x and fiscus bengalensis 3x


Application of Agom Kesharanjana Oil: Shake the contents of the bottle before mixing with 100 to 150 gms of Coconut oil depending upon the condition. Shake the bottle vigorously every time before use. Apply the oil liberally to the scalp. Falling of hair will stop in a period ranging between 20 to 25 days depending upon the severity and duration of the condition. New hair will appear in place of those fallen earlier so as to give a definite feeling of growth within 5-6 months. Storpy hair will grow and new hair will appear as long as the roots are intact. In case the pores of the skin are blocked the hair will not grow. In acute cases of hair fall application of oil alone will not be of help as desired. Use of 2 pills of Keshranjana two times a day with water are recommended. Application of oil to scalp and soles of feet at bed time results in giving sound sleep.


Oil for external use only. For best results apply Kesharanjana Oil daily before going to bed.


Side effects: No side effects of Agom  Kesharanjana Oil (tailark) are known


Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Agom  Kesharanjana Oil (tailark) are known.  


Presentation: 100ml

Symptoms Hair Loss, Damaged and tangled hair, premature hair graying,scalp problems
Manufacturer Agom Sukshma Ayurved Ketan Pvt Ltd
Form Oil

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