Agom Chapala Pills for Obesity
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Agom Chapala Pills for Obesity

Agom Chapala Pills for Obesity

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Agom Chapala PIlls Contains Commiphora mukul 3x, Plumbago zeylanica 3x, 5percent 

Agom Chapala Pills reduces fats in the body by activating the 'Manipur Chakra'. The Manipura Chakra is the focal point of vitality in the body and controls our energy balance to consolidate and strengthen our health. This Chakra has  the effect  of a magnet, it attracts Prana from the Cosmos and is the seat of digestive fire. The Manipura Chakra is Located at the navel and regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs. It is considered  the seat of the fire within the body.


Agom medicines are harmless, absolutely free of complications and without any reactions or side- effects and are very easy to administer. The properties of herbal decoctions remain unaltered for about a year, but the properties of Matras for year together. These medicines are nothing but modern matras.


Agom Chapala Pills contains ingredients like herbal Commiphora mukul 3x, Plumbago zeylanica 3x, (5 percent) that have a favorable influence on obesity reuction and control


The recommended dosage of Agom Chapala PIlls is 4 pills daily in the morning,


Side effects: No side effects of Agom Chapala PIlls are known.


Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Agom Chapala Pills are known.  


Presentation: 40gm

Symptoms Obesity,Overweight.
Manufacturer Agom Sukshma Ayurved Ketan Pvt Ltd
Dosage 4 Agom Chapala PIlls daily morning, Help control fat deposition.

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