Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for Anaemia & Iron Deficiency (Low hemoglobin)
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Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for Anaemia & Iron Deficiency (Low hemoglobin)

Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for Anaemia & Iron Deficiency (Low hemoglobin)

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Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for symptoms of low hemoglobin contains: Arsenicum Album 12x, Ceanothus Americanus 5x, Cinchona Succirubra 4x, Cobaltum Nitricum 6x, Cuprum Sulfuricum 6x, Ferrum Metallicum 12x, Manganum Aceticum 6x, Natrium Mutiaticum 12x.

Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic is indicated for anaemia due to iron deficiency, poor nutrition, bleeding and all other causes



Symptoms of low hemoglobin include tiredness, breath shortness, being easily fatigue, pale appearance, heart problems etc. Anemia refers to deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin. When hemoglobin level is less than 13.5 gram/100ml of blood in men and 12g/100ml in women, the condition is termed as anemia. Anemia also refers to iron deficiency. Iron is major component of hemoglobin. It usually causes either when red blood cell production decreases or when there is destruction of the red blood cells. Other symptoms of low hemoglobin are dizziness, confusion, lightheadedness, loss of consciousness etc. Hereditary disorders may shorten life span of red blood cells and thus it can lead to anemia.



Homeopathic Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic treats symptoms of low hemoglobin through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like arsenicum album, ceanothus americanus etc that acts on anaemia (deficiency of red cells or of haemoglobin in the blood) and helps to prevent iron deficiency. It addresses anaemia that can be caused due to poor deficiency, bleeding etc. it treats chronic and acute illness.


How the ingredients in Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic work

The key properties in Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic are derived from the following ingredients to treat symptoms of low hemoglobin

Arsenicum album -it stops the progressive development of weakness. It treats septic infections and chronic catarrh (excessive discharge or build-up of mucus) of all the mucous membranes.

Ceanothus americanus -it acts as liver spleen remedy. It helps in regulating the quality of blood.

Cinchona succirubra -treats weakness and swollen spleen and liver.

Cobaltum nitricum -helps in blood forming process. It regulates activities of endocrine glands.

Cuprum sulfuricum -treats symptoms of low hemoglobin and acts as catalyst for certain enzymes. It helps venous system against the congestions and reduces cramps.

Ferrum metallicum -it helps in thermoregulation and appropriate use of iron from the food.

Manganum aceticum -it helps in biologic oxidation process and stimulates the activity of ferments (enzyme).

Natrium muristicum -treats weakness, anaemia and the other states of disturbed metabolism.


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Dosage Adults One tablespoon of Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic, Children One teaspoon of Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic , 3 times a day.
Symptoms Anaemia
Manufacturer Adelmar Pharma GmbH
Form Liquid

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