Adel 40 & 86 Combo for Warts treatment (Internal & External)
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Adel 40 & 86 Combo for Warts treatment (Internal & External)

Adel 40 & 86 Combo for Warts treatment (Internal & External)

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Contains: Acidum Nitricum 8x 12,5Ml Stibium Sulfuratum Nigrum( Antimon Crdum ) 6x12,5Ml Custicum Hahnemanni 4x 14.0Ml Solanum Dulcamara ( Dulcamara) 4x 12.5 Ruta Graveolens 4x 14,5Ml Acidum Silicium (Silicea) 12x 11,5Ml Delphinium Staphisagria (Staphisagria) 6x 11,0Ml Thuja Occidentalis 12x 11,5Ml Contains 18% Alcohol By Volume. Adel 86 For All Of Warts Homeopathic Mecidine/ For External Use Only Only For Use By Reistered Medical Practitioners Contains: Contents In 100Ml 4x 16,5Ml Semecarpus Anacardium (Anacardium) 4x 16.5Ml Angallis Arvensis 4x 21.0Ml Ruta Graveolens 10x 21.0Ml Sempervivum Tectorum 6x 10.1 Ml Thuja Occidentalis 12x 11.0 Ml

ADEL 40 is used for the treatment of all forms of warts, juvenile and vulgar and ADEL 86 is for all forms of warts, like juvenile warts, plantar warts, senile warts, "vulgar" warts, warts surrounding nails.

Dosage Adel 40. Unless otherwise prescribed, adults 20 drops. Children 7 to 10 drops, infants 5to7 drops 3 times a day in some liquid before meals. Adel 86. Unless otherwise prescribed: dab affected areas several times a day.
Symptoms Warts
Manufacturer Adelmar Pharma GmbH
Form Drops

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