Adel 21 Proscenat drops for Prostate Enlargement, Prostatitis
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Adel 21 Proscenat drops for Prostate Enlargement, Prostatitis

Adel 21 Proscenat drops for Prostate Enlargement, Prostatitis

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Adel 21 Proscenat drops for benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms contains: Acidum Sulfuricum 6x, Conium 6x, Staphysagria 6x, Cantharis 12x, Selenium 6x, Nasturtium Aquaticum 4x, Ononis Spinosa 4x.

Adel 21 Proscenat drops are indicated for prostate hypertrophy, enlarged prostate, prostate infections and painful urination


Homeopathic drops for benign prostatic hyperplasia and related problems.Prostate problem is a common urinary disorder among men which manifests as Prostatitis (burning feeling when you urinate) for men under 50 and benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms such as Prostate enlargement (abnormal growth of prostate that squeezes the urethra) for men over 50 years of age. The latter is also called BPH or benignprostatichyperplasia which may cause the risk of cancer.


Proscenat drops are a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like acidum sulfuricum, conium, staphysagria, cantharis etc., selected for their ability to address benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms i.e. enlarged prostate gland, infections of prostate and painful urination.

It treats all stages that range from mild insufficiencies to the other critical forms of prostate diseases. It is also indicated in the symptoms like resolve or prevents the development of tumor formation (adenoma) which is the result of chronic inflammatory condition.

How the ingredients in proscenat drops work

The key properties in Proscenat drops are derived from the following ingredients in treatment of various benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms

Acidum sulfuricum- treats inflammation of mucous membrane, physical weakness, emotional and mental exhaustion, shaking, nervous irritability, prostate gland disease (prostatism), diabetes, intestinal and stomach ulcers, inflammatory skin conditions (eczematous) and inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles.

Conium- treats mental disposition, lymphatic swelling, prolapsed tumor, weakness accompanied by shaking in limbs and physical exhaustion.

Cantharis- treats acute bladder and urethral tube inflammation, inflammation of urinary bladder with painful urination (cystitis) and inflammation of kidneys. It helps in increasing circulation to organs and does not cause side effects.

Staphysargria- treats benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms like prostatism, inflammation of urinary bladder (cystic catarrh)

Selenium- treats nervous exhaustion, moodiness with unrest emotional disturbance (neurasthenia) related to abnormal discharge of secretion from the prostate gland (prostatorrhea), neural and chronic inflammation.

Nasturtium aquaticum- treats irritation in urological tracts, skin inflammation. It stimulates metabolism and works as anti-infectious agent.

Ononis spinosa- treats bladder and kidney functional weakness and swelling of tissues due to water accumulation (dropsy). It stimulates exertion that is necessary to reduce urine diseases, burdening factors that relate kidney functioning.

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Dosage Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 21 Proscenat, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.
Symptoms prostatitis, Tumor
Manufacturer Adelmar Pharma GmbH
Form Drops

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