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Benzoic acid is obtained from benzoin (a balsamic resin, which exudes from the incised stem of a tree of Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Siam), either by sublimation or by the action of alkalies; it is also made from hippuric acid. It is in the form of white, feathery crystals, of a silky lustre, a peculiar, agreeable odor, and warm, acidulous taste. While it is sparingly soluble in cold water, it is more soluble in warm or boiling water, and very soluble in alcohol, solutions of potassa, soda, ammonia, lime and concentrated sulphuric and nitric acids. The fixed oils also dissolve it. From solution it crystallizes in transparent prisms. It is also inflammable.Medical properties and action: Benzoic acid is stimulant, particularly of mucous surfaces, and its vapor causes great irritation of the air passages. It is also antiseptic and expectorant, and some claim that it is a more powerful antiseptic than carbolic acid. Like salicylic and boracic acids, it prevents fermentation and putrefaction and destroys minute organisms. In the system it is converted into hippuric acid, by the assumption of the elements of glycocol, and in this form is excreted in the urine; a large part is excreted by the kidneys, as benzoic acid.Therapeutic Uses, - Benzoic acid is employed in chronic cystitis, gout, calculous diseases, jaundice, incontinence of urine in children, etc.

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