About Us

Homeomart is all about quality homoeopathy products and services. Our journey actually started in 2014 when we identified certain shotcomings in the marketplace with regards to availability of Homeopathy medicines. We started out to address those customers who were looking to a reliable supplier of their regular requiements of homeopathy medicines for their wellness needs.

We also recognize that regular online marketplaces sell only popular brands of Homeopathy OTC medicines. Other medicines which constitute the bulk of homeopathy portfolio is out of bounds here. They do not bring in the level of focus and dedication to meet the needs and requirements of a discerning Homeopathy customer like you!.

Addressing the current gaps in marketplace

We realized that homoeopathy is relegated to a small section under health offerings by the current online stores that sell everything under the Sun.  These eCommerce portals are too generalist in offering and do not bring in the focus and insights in homoeopathy like we do. Homeomart was a result of this thinking and initiative.


Vision & Wherewithal

Our vision is to be the most preferred and trusted, go-to name for homeopathic requirements in India and across the globe. We aim to provide the discerning customer with the widest choice of products, the right information and guidance from the best practitioners of homoeopathy right on finger tips.

Our promoter and CEO. Vasant Prabhu brings in 20 years of diverse management experience and has worked with some of lndia’s leading corporate firms. He is also an avid fan of homeopathy 


What is different about us?

Unlike most other popular websites we are not a marketplace or aggregator i.e, platform for suppliers & buyers like you to facilitating a transaction for a fee.  We own the product in our Warehouse and the entire process before it reaches you. This means you are assured of the genuineness of product, the right quality, correct information being presented and proper packing & delivery. We also focus on customer service like nobody else.

Our vast warehouse has over 10,000 products of leading homeopathic brands from India and abroad.  We have a network of more than 800 Homeopathic doctors across specialties. Our in-house team customer delivery team is trained to serve every order with diligence. We have tied up with leading homeopathic brands from UK & Switzerland to offer you the latest stable of products under homoeopathy.

All this for one simple mantra “We don’t just create online transactions, we build credible relationships