A Holistic approach to ARTHRITIS - management of chronic pain
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A Holistic approach to ARTHRITIS - management of chronic pain

A Holistic approach to ARTHRITIS - management of chronic pain

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Dr. M.K. Sharma completed his masters degree in physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and obtained Ph.D. in Quantum optics from the same institute. He joined Indian Forest Service in the year 1975 and is presently working as Chief Conservator of Forests in Forest Department, Bihar. During the year 1985-86, the author suffered from eczema in the palms which continued for 10-12 years aggravating periodically. The disease could not be cured with the help the conventional medicine even after best medical attention. However, the homeopathic treatment cured the ailment within ten days. After this incidence, he studied and practiced alternative systems of medicine and has cured more than one thousand patients of different disorders. Further, he studied Arthritis in depth and helped a large number of persons having this disorder using holistic approach.

Arthritis is a common problem of the aged, encountered frequently during practice. Hence a book on this subject is in demand. This book is primarily written for people suffering from arthritis. It includes the treatment in different systems of medicine, viz., allopathy, homoeopathy, ayurveda, yoga, acupressure, etc. and management. The remedies discussed are simple and practical, within the reach of common men.

Author Dr. M.K. sharma and Pragya Sharma

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