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Some ailments and afflictions are common among women or affect them in a different way from men. Irregular mensuration, menses too early and excessive, menstruation too late or suppressed/scanty is a very common problem.  Other complaints are menstrual cramps, labour pains, pains of various nature in sacral region and exhaustion due to loss of blood . Homeopathy provides a completely safe and natural path to women’s wellness. Dr.Reckeweg R10 climacteric drops exert a favorable biological influence on Ovarian disorders while Adelmar Germany Upelva drops (Adel 31) provide a gentle therapy for painful menstruation, leucorrhea, breast swelling, danger of prolapse.

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Allen A22 Leucorrhoea Drops - Homeopathic medicine for Menstrual Disorders

Allen A22 Leucorrhoea Drops is indicated for all Menstrual Disorders, Leucorrhoea (whitish or yellow...
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Allen A36 Homeopathy Drops for Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Periods)

Allen A36 Dysmenorrhoea Drops is indicated for Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Periods), Amenorrhoea (Absence...
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Allen A72 Menopause Drops

Allen A72 drops is Indicated in heavy periods during menopause, vasodilatory hot flushes, depression...
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Allen Gynical Syrup for Gynaecological Problems

Allen Gynical Syrup is a natural remedy for Gynaecological problems. Indicated for heavy irregular b...
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Allens Dysmen drops for Menstrual problems

Allens Dysmen is indicated for Dysmenorrhoea. Indication Dull pain across the small of back abdomen ...
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Allens Leucorrhal drops for Vaginal discharge

Allens Leucorrhal is indicated for Leucorrhoea. Indication: Leucorrhoea acrid, profuse, excoriating ...
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Ashoka Elixir Drops (fertility)

Haslab's Ashok exilir drops is a homeopathic boon to women and addresses the most common problem of ...
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Bakson B Shape Cream for breast firming

Baksons B-shape cream is an effective formulation with goodness of natural herbs that firms, enhance...
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Bakson Compound 2 (Backache in Females)

Bakson Compound 2 (Backache in Females) tablets are indicated in the following cases helps relieve b...
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Bakson Menso Aid Syrup

A woman's reproductive health is subjected to phasic changes in most years of her life. It thus beco...
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Bakson Pelvi Aid Tablets

Bakson's Pelvi Aid is a highly effective formulation for women suffering from disorders of reproduct...
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Baksons Fem Aid for Leucorrhoea, dsymenorrhoea

Baksons Fem aid suspension tones up female reproductive system and relieves gynaecological disorders...
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