Silicea 6C/30C/200C/1000C/10M/50M Dilution, Reckeweg, Sbl, Schwabe
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Silicea 6C/30C/200C/1000C/10M/50M Dilution, Reckeweg, Sbl, Schwabe

Silicea 6C/30C/200C/1000C/10M/50M Dilution, Reckeweg, Sbl, Schwabe

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Silicea, which is also known as silicea terra and silicic acid, is used as a homeopathic remedy, a natural remedy and is being studied as a possible medical treatment for removing aluminum from the body as well. A compound of silicon oxides, silicea can be taken in tablets, in a colloidal suspension liquid or topically in a gel.


Silicea is indicated for formation of pus, boils, confusion, constipation, itching, overwork. Silicea is a homeopathic remedy of many uses. It is commonly used to treat abscesses, boils, itchy skin eruptions and constipation. Other indications for its use include an anxious, yielding personality, inflammations that refuse to heal, great coldness (cold even on a warm day), profuse sweating of the head and feet with the sweat of the feet being offensive, stool protrudes and then slips back, worse from cold or draft, motion – better in a warm room and wrapping up the head. The homeopathic remedy is a mineral remedy.


Benefits/Uses of Silicea:

Undernourishment: Though undernourishment can happen due to a number of factors, many of which are unintentional, it can lead to rather dire consequences. Undernourishment can lead to a weakened immune system, and this in turn means continuous colds, ear infections, and bouts with the flu. If undernourishment is an issue for any reason, silica may work as a homeopathic remedy to ensure that further consequences don’t develop.

Skin and Bone Complaints: Though we all have issues from time to time with our skin or our bones, these are complaints that may be frustrating and plague the individual on a fairly regular basis. Skin issues may show in the form of simply an unhealthy complexion, but it may get worse from there. It may also present itself through acne, weak nails, hardened skin, slow bone growth, or those injuries to either area that are hard to heal.

Expelling Foreign Objects: If you are having difficulty with a foreign object being stuck in the skin, then silica may be the homeopathic remedy to turn to for help. If for example there is a splinter stuck in the skin, silica may offer the body the necessary assistance to help to get it out.

Nervous System Problems: There are a number of ways that the nervous system may present problems. It may show up in the form of a migraine headache, whereby the individual has disturbed vision and a sharp pain that engulfs the head. Nervous system problems may show up as an inability to expel stools from the system as they slip back in upon the attempt. For any number of nervous system issues, silica may offer help as a homeopathic remedy.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions: As the three are all interconnected, it only makes sense that if you suffer with pain or sensitivity in one; it seems to affect all three. Where silica offers the most help within the world of homeopathy is when there is fluid in the middle ear or chronic phlegm that develops and plagues the individual. A cough may develop as a result of either condition, and this can be rather difficult for the individual to contend with.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Silica: The type of person that benefits the most from silica tends to lack stamina, both mentally and physically. They often feel overwhelmed, but yet show great determination and commitment once a challenge is accepted. These people tend to be very consumed with the tiny little details and will work almost obsessively until the job at hand is completed. They are often overwhelmed by a fear of failure and since they are not assertive in nature, they tend to get pushed around a fair amount as well.


Homeopathic Side Effects
Silicea also works homeopathically to treat abscesses, headaches, spasms and epilepsy. If you use silicea for these conditions, you should stay away from alcohol or stimulants like caffeine, as these works against the benefits of silicea in these conditions
Other side effect–symptoms that benefit homeopathically from taking silicea can worsen in cold damp weather, or if you become exposed to chilly, damp conditions for periods of time. These symptoms will improve with dry warmth.


Dose - Sixth to thirtieth potency. The 200th and higher of unquestioned activity. In malignant affections, the lowest potencies needed at times.


Presentation: 11 ml, 30 ml


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