SBL Scalptone Tablets - Healthy Hair Roots (Internal Care)
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SBL Scalptone Tablets - Healthy Hair Roots (Internal Care)

SBL Scalptone Tablets - Healthy Hair Roots (Internal Care)

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SBL Scalptone Tablets contains: acidum fluoricum 6x, acidum phosphoricum 3x, natrum muriaticum 3x, calcarea phosphoricum 3x, badiaga 3x. 

SBL Scalptone Tablets is indicated to checks falling of hair, premature graying and dandruff, strengthens the roots of hair.


SBL Scalptone Tablets is a combination of well balanced homeopathic ingredients which helps prevent excessive hair loss and premature greying. it helps in improving the circulation and helps in the absorption of minerals required for the growth of hair.


No known contra indication.

Presentation: 450 grams.

Dosage Adult: 4 SBL Scalptone Tablets, 4-6 times daily. Children: Half of the adult's dose.
Symptoms Hair Loss, weak hair roots, scalp problems,premature hair greying
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets

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