Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup
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Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup

Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup

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Each 100ml of Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup contains: Justicia Adhatada 1x 3% v/v, Azadirachta indica 1x 1.5% v/v, Ocimum sanctum 1x 1.5% v/v, Drosera 3x 1.0% v/v, Ipecac 3x 1.0% v/v, Antim tart 3x 0.1% V/v, Mag. Phosphoricum 6x 0.02% w/v, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x 0.02% w/v, Natrum sulphuricum 6x 0.02% w/v, Kalium muriaticum 3x 0.02% w/v, Kalium Sulphuricum 3x 0.02% w/v, Excipients q. s Alcohol 8% v/v.

Ralsons cufrest children cough syrup is very effective in cough having sudden onset, accompanied by breathlessness, red face and loud noise (whooping cough) most common in children. Also suitable for bronchitis, dry cough and spasmodic cough of children.


Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup contains Mag. Phosphoricum 6x, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Natrum sulphuricum 6x, usticia Adhatada 1x, Azadirachta indica 1x , Ocimum sanctum 1x, Drosera 3x , Ipecac 3x, Antim tart 3x, , Kalium muriaticum 3x , Kalium Sulphuricum 3x to provide ror soothing relief from sudden, persistent and irritating cough in children

Symptoms Viral Infection, Measles,
Manufacturer Ralsons Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Form Liquid
Dosage Infants, Half teaspoonful of Ralsons Cufrest children cough syrup thrice a day. Children, One teaspoonful thrice a day.

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