Pet Care

Pet animals are continually stressed by the challenges to live by the rules of the human world . Our pet care range addresses the growing need of animal guardians and pet lovers seeking a holistic and natural approach for the care and well being of their loved ones. The pet oral delivery system is the modern , more effective way to deliver medicines as it directly absorbs on the tongue. The homeopathic pet care range offers a unique blend of well-chosen homeopathic drugs in following areas.

  1. Support your pet’s digestive system and absorption of nutrition in pet foods
  2. Treatment of diarrhea and bacterial enteritis
  3. Health supplement to improve weakness, debility, lethargy
  4. Wound healing and treatment of cuts, burns etc
  5. Skin treatment in cases itching, redness, dermatitis etc
  6. Infertility treatment
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Medisynth Alfa Vet syrup

Medisynth Alfa Vet Syrup is effective for household pets like Dogs, Cats, Birds etc and for dairy, p...
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Dr.Reckeweg R8 drops - Homeopathic natural treatment for cough

Dr.Reckeweg speciality R8 drops is homeopathic natural treatment for cough IntroductionHoney, Pepper...
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