Weight Control

Homeopathy offers an effective formula for weight control, it regulates body metabolism, exerts favourable influences on digestion and increases capillary circulation. Top homeopathic herbs like Phytolacca berry (effects fibrous tissues,osseous tissues), Syzigium jambolanum (antihyperglycemic action), Fucus Vesiculosus (metabolic regulator). Calotropis Gigantea (sudorific effect) are very useful in obesity management.

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Adel 13 Fattex drops - Obesity and Overweight Treatment - Pack Of 5 Offer

Adel 13 Fattex drops are indicated for normalization of metabolism in obese patients   In...
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Agom Chapala Obesity Cream and Oil Concentrate for Obesity, Overweight

Agom Chapala Obesity Cream and Oil Concentrate helps control fat deposition by activating 'Manipur C...
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Agom Chapala Pills for Obesity

Agom Chapala Pills reduces fats in the body by activating the 'Manipur Chakra'. The Manipura Chakra ...
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Allen Slimaforte Tonic for Slimming Effect

Allen Slimaforte Tonic is indicated for Slimming effect. Safe and natural this is an ideal fat and w...
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Bakson Compound 46 (Slim)

Bakson Compound 46 (Slim) tablets are indicated in the following cases helps reduce weight gain espe...
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Bhargava Garcinia Cambogia Drops The natural Fat cutter (weight loss)

Bhargava Garcinia Cambogia Drops The natural fat cutter Clinically proven, non hormonal treatment...
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Doliosis D29 Annorex drops

Fight Anorexia through Homeopathy, the natural way. Doliosis D29 Annorex drops acts as an appetite s...
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Dr.Bakshi B36 Endocrine Drops Male

Dr.Bakshi's homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of Glandular disturbances. HomeopathicEndoc...
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Fatoline Drops (fat reducer) for obesity

Fatoline Drops helps to loose the excess fats from bumps and dumps. Obese have BMI greater than 30. ...
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Hapdco Trim Phos Drops for Management of Obesity

Hapdco Trim Phos Drops for a slim figure is revolutionary drug to remove the unwanted abno...
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Isotropin Diet Oral Spray

Introducing ISOTROPIN DIET, a revolutionary and all new homeopathic diet formula for men and women. ...
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Isotropin Hgh Pro 6X Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)

ISOTROPIN HGH PRO 6X ORAL SPRAY was carefully designed to provide safe and effective means of natura...
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