Nipco Pilonip (for piles) Liquid
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Nipco Pilonip (for piles) Liquid

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Brand: Nipco
Product Code: NIPPIL100
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* 25ml:

Nipco Pilonip (For piles) Contains: niux vom 6c, sulphur 6c, acid nit 6c, ratanhia q, aesc hip q, hamamelis q, collinsonia c. q, negundium q, aqua distillata q.s.
Nipco Pilonip (For piles)Liquid is indicated for Piles with Bleeding, painful, burning, itching, blind and external piles or fissures.
Symptoms Piles,fissure
Manufacturer Nipco Homeopathic Products
Form Liquid
Dosage 1 teaspoonful of Nipco Pilonip 3 times a day with water or as directed by the physician.

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