Medisynth Gasgan forte pills
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Medisynth Gasgan forte pills

Medisynth Gasgan forte pills

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Brand: Medisynth
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Medisynth Gasgan forte Pills Contains: For mild symptoms Carbo Vegetabilis 200, Colchicum Autumnale 200, Nux Vomica 200

Medisynth Gasgan forte Pills has a unique combination of homeopathic medications that helps relieve indigestion and acidity. Gasgan improves digestive processes and liver activity by regulating the pH levels of gastric juices ,thus relieving acidity and constipation. Available in drops and pills,


Gasgan is a very effective combination formulated to relieve flatulence, dyspepsia, belching, gastralgia, water brash and discomfort caused due to indigestion.

Attribute Dosage
Attribute Dosage Pills (for mild symptoms):2 pills of Medisynth Gasgan forte upto 3 times a day. (Children:Half the above dose).
Symptoms Acidity,Indigestion
Manufacturer Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd
Form Pills

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