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Dr. D.S. Vohra, born in Pakistan in 1912, is an Engineer (1929- 34 from Lahore) by profession. In the year 1973 he became an ardent follower of the science and art of Homoeopathy. After getting the vast knowledge of this science he thoroughly studied literature on Bach Flower Remedies and grasped it. He is running a free Homoeopathic dispensary for the last 18 years and providing medical aid in the above systems of medicine to one and all. He has written 7 books on Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

This book authored by a physician with over 25 years of experience of Bach Flower Therapy, provides comprehensive study of the subject under one cover. The detailed illustrations of 244 cases, both acute and chronic, can be very helpful for students and practitioners. By explaining step-by-step, how to use the Bach Flower remedies, the author details the way to achieve a lasting recovery. Enumerates common conditions and remedies for same. More than 200 cases examples. Alphabetically arranged disease index for quick reference. Some combinations of homeopathic remedies suggesged useful for everday practice. 

Author D.S. Vohra
Publisher B.Jain Publishers (P) Ltd.

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