Heart and Blood Circulation

As per WHO, 32% of the deaths in India are caused by coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardio vascular disease is fast becoming a  prime mortality factor in adults due to changing lifestyle and dietary pattern. Human genetic framework (Miasms) has made us susceptible towards distress caused by lifestyle and dietary pattern changes.  Homeopathy is the only medicinal system that works at both levels  i.e, genetic predisposition and lifestyle/dietary pattern changes to combat the disease. Wonder homeopathic herbs like Cactus Grandiflorus, Camphora, Aurum muriaticum and Crategus Oxyacantha tone up the heart muscle, halt arteriosclerosis, relives palpitation and tachycardia and increases effort tolerance.

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Ague Nil syrup

Homeopathic Medicine for Dengue   Homeopathy offers very effective medicines for preventi...
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Allen A04 Homeopathy Drops for Blood Purifier

Allen A04 Blood Purifier Drops is indicated for ailments due to impure blood. Blood Purifying R...
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Allens Hypervis drops for BP, irregular blood circulation

Allen hypervis drops mild to moderate form of high blood pressure, irregular blood circulation, and ...
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Angio Drops (for Low BP)

Paroxysmal pericardial pain which radiates towards neck and left shoulder, sense of choking,strangli...
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B P Tab

For  relief from hypertension. Regulates the blood pressure and increases the efficiency of the hear...
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Bakson BeePee Aid Drops

Heart is the organ for pumping blood throughout the body. Heart brain is the only organs that must n...
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Bakson Card Aid Drops

Heart, regarded as the seat of vitality and centre of emotions is the most vital organ of our body. ...
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Bakson Mig Aid (Paediatric) Tablets

Bakson Mig Aid Paediatric Pack for children provides instant relief in any type of headache like Mig...
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BHP Bio Card drops - Cardiac Tonic for Weak Heart Condition

B.H.P Bio Card Drops is indicated for weak heart condition.   Introduction: Hea...
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Bico-39 Angina Pectoris

Homeopathic rmedy for Angina Angina pectoris, severe pain in the heart, goes upward to the chest, sh...
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BJain Omeo Guatteria Gaumeri drops

Bjain Omeo Guatteria Gaumeri Drops is indicated for Hypercholesterolemia. Fight Cholesterol the Home...
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BJain Omeo Heart Gold drops

Bjain Omeo Heart Gold Drops is indicated for it Acts as a Cardiac Tonic, Restores tone to the heart ...
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