Dietary Supplements

Good health comes from the preservation of liveliness, energy and body vigour . To maintain this balance the body needs the right quality and quantity of food nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Only Homeopathy provides non-toxic, non addictive dietary supplements with absolutely no side effects.  Homeopathic Biocombination products (BC 27 & BC 28) and  Alfalfa tonics and malts provide the right ingredients for proper cellular metabolism, water balance, oxygen regulation, enzymatic action, synthesis of immunoglobins, maintain proper acid-base balance,  optimum calcium and phosphate levels, and sodium/potassium balance.

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Allen Ferroplus Syrup for Anaemia

Allen Ferroplusis Syrup is indicated for Anaemia. It is an ideal tonic for iron deficiency in blood....
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Rs.80 Rs.79 1% OFF

Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets - Nutritional Supplement for Strong Bones

Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablets is ideal for all age groups). Homeopathic Nutritional supplement for ...
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Rs.225 Rs.203 10% OFF

Baksons Ferrum Plus Iron Tonic

Baksons Homeopathic Ferrum Plus is a superior Iron Tonic that improves appetite, aids absorption of ...
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Rs.90 Rs.81 10% OFF

Bhargava Osteo Strong tablets

Bhargava Osteo Strong tablets for healthy and strong bones for osteoporosis, improve calcaium absorp...
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Rs.120 Rs.108 10% OFF

Dr. Bakshi B drops, Baksons #B21 (Strength Drops)

Dr.Bakshi's homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of sexual weakness (sexual asthenia) and de...
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Rs.125 Rs.113 10% OFF

Dr. Bakshi B drops, Baksons #B41 drops (for Vitality)

Dr.Bakshi's homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of physical weakness. Homeopathic Vitality ...
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Rs.125 Rs.113 10% OFF

Fourrts Alfas DG syrup

Fourrts Alfas DG Syrup is indicated for nervousness, neurasthenia and general debility. Excellent en...
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Fourrts Dr. Mulder's Protin (protein supplement)

Fourrts Dr. Mulder's Protin is a wholesome Nutritional Supplement for all ages (Sugar Free). This is...
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Rs.375 Rs.375

Fourrts Femrich Powder

Fourrts Femrich Powder is a rich health drink for athletes, for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding moth...
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Medisynth Enlacto forte syrup

Medisynth Enlacto forte Syrup is a general tissue tonic prepared from a combination of 5 biochemic p...
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Rs.95 Rs.86 10% OFF

SBL Ginseng 1X Tablets

SBL Ginseng 1X tablets boosts energy and helps to reduce stress. It improves the cerebral circu...
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Rs.250 Rs.225 10% OFF

Schwabe Biocombination No. 28 Health Promotion Tablets

Schwabe Bioplasgen/Biocombination No. 28 Health Promotion Tablet contains the twelve Tissue Remedies...
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