Depress Aid Hov-A15
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Depress Aid Hov-A15

Depress Aid Hov-A15

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Acidum Nucleicum  PPG UHD, alcohol.

Depress Aid Hov-A15 is a gene targetting newgen Homeopathic remedy that helps helps sufferers of depression. It is designed to target the target the SLC6A15 gene. Background: Human genetic studies have has identified genes and mechanisms that cause disease and discovered that ill-health may be caused by genes that synthesize either the normal amount of an inferior bio-active molecule that does not work properly or alternatively, genes that produce less than the amount of a normal bio-active molecule that is required to maintain a healthy state ( reduction in gene activity or gene expression).

Pharma companies are aiming to develop new drugs that will bond chemically with DNA and increase gene expression artificially. However Homeovitality products has been developed as a safe and natural way to help everyone to achieve nature's "super-health" and stay healthy. It is based entirely on the proven principles of Dr. Bernard Marichal's gene targeting technology. Human genetic blueprint comprises of many genes that promote health and those that cause disease. With a view to increasing the specificity and safety of gene targeting by homeopathic DNA, (because homeopathic DNA, which is of undefined sequence, induces various disease symptoms in healthy people) Drs. Jenaer and Marichal pioneered the use of highly diluted small DNA molecules with well-defined sequences to target immune response genes and fight infections. Their system, called Micro-Immunotherapy proved to be very effective.

The Homeovitality system was developed along the same lines as Micro-Immunotherapy. The Homeovitality system uses highly diluted DNA molecules with precise sequences to target genes that produce the body's natural proteins that have been proven to promote health as well as protect against and resolve many diseases.

Homeovitality is based on the proven principles of Micro-Immunotherapy, in which highly diluted DNA molecules are used to target regions of the genetic blueprint to fight infectious diseases. It has been discovered that diluted DNA molecules have telepathic properties; they emit electromagnetic signals that are recognised by DNA molecules with the same sequence. Homeovitality takes advantage of these new scientific discoveries as well Product: Homeovitality Depress Aid is a newgen DNA targeting Homeopathic remedy developed to help patients suffering from depression. It is designed to target the SLC6A15 gene.It may be taken on a long term basis or until depression is no longer felt. What does SLC6A15 do? For many years, scientists have searched for genes that are involved in depression. Recently, scientists from Germany's Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry made the exciting discovery that the gene SLC6A15 was linked to depression.They found that expression of the SLC6A15 gene, which regulates the brain's excitatory transmitter glutamate, was reduced in depressed people . Therefore, the Homeovitality Depress Aid product was developed to target this important gene in sufferers of depression

Symptoms depression
Manufacturer Genscript USA
Form Liquid
Dosage 8 drops in the little water, twice a day.

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