Camodent Gel Tooth Paste
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Camodent Gel Tooth Paste

Camodent Gel Tooth Paste

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Contains: Its Formulation is Based On Well Known Herbs Meant For Dental Care Such As Plantago and Kreosote.

Camodent Gel Toothpaste for Inflammation of the Gums, Tooth Decaying, Bad Breath. 


Camodent Gel Toothpaste is a world class toothpaste with proven Homeopahic power for treating: Inflammation of the gums, tooth decaying, bad breath. 

A special herbal formula. Camodent is more than a toothpaste. Its formulation is based on well known herbs meant for dental care such as plantago and kreosote. It stops bad breath also suitable for gums and teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks .

Above all Camodent gel toothpaste providies total oral hygiene

Symptoms Tooth Sensitivity,Bad Breath
Manufacturer Lords Homoeopathic Lab Pvt.Ltd
Form Gel

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