Bahola Tonsilo Tablets
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Bahola Tonsilo Tablets

Bahola Tonsilo Tablets

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Each 330mg tablet of Bahola Tonsilo Tablets contains.  Belladonna 30C H.P.I. 17.5mg, Mercurius ladatus ruber 4x H.P.I 101mg,Baryta Carbonica 6C H.P.I , Excipients Q.S. 330mg. 

Bahola Tonsilo Tablets is a Homeopathic Medicine For Tonsil and isuseful in acute, chornic and septic tonsillitis and their accompanying symptoms.

Tonsils which are swollen,cause pain in throat and fever. People with such indications have tendency for catching cough,cold and develop pus pockets on tonsils easily.

Bahola Tonsilo Tablets contains homeopathic ingredients like Baryta Carbonica 6C H.P.I , Belladonna 30C H.P.I. 17.5mg, Mercurius ladatus Ruber 1X, for tonsillitis and its associated symptoms

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Symptoms Tonsillitis
Manufacturer Bahola Labs
Form Tablets
Dosage In adults: 2 tablets of Bahola Tonsil Aid Tablets , every 4 hours. In children: 2 tablets, every 4 hours or as prescribed by the physician.

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